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Blue Duck Bakery

Family-Owned & Operated

The Kouris family owns and operates two bakery cafés with a wholesale production facility that delivers our artisan breads and more from Montauk to Manhattan. Husband and wife, Keith and Nancy Kouris and their three hardworking children, Christina, Noelle and Anthony opened the first bakery cafe in Southampton Village in 1999.

Nancy is our president and makes sure our bakery cafes meet your highest expectations. Keith, our master baker, is responsible for all of our recipes and the oversight of our talented production staff, who work hard everyday to maintain our high Blue Duck standards.

Christina Donovan is our office and human resource manager and keeps up with the ever changing bureaucracy of business. Noelle, a full-time teacher, runs our Farmer’s Markets during the spring and summer, while Anthony, a full time control room operator for a large company, works directly with our marketing department and our mascot, Mr. Blue Duck.  

Our Mission

Our bakery is proud to offer the finest quality pastries and cakes, as well as our signature line of artisan breads. Our style is traditional, eclectic and reminiscent of a time when village bakeries existed on Main street in every town on Long Island.

It is our mission to be that village bakery in every location we open.  Our bakery products are made fresh daily on site, under the expertise and direct guidance of Keith Kouris, a master baker with more than 40 years of experience and a graduate of the French Culinary Institute’s International Bread Baking Program.

Our Products

Our bakeries create a traditional selection of pastries, cookies, cakes, pies and breads every day. All of our products are scratch made using the finest ingredients. Our buttery danishes, croissants and turnovers are second to none. Cakes are expertly and beautifully decorated by our talented cake designers and our tarts, cookies and pies are always fun and seasonal.

There are few things more satisfying in life than a good loaf of bread. The fine craft of making bread is as organic as making wine and cheese. Like fine wine and cheese, artisan bread start with fermentation. When the ingredients are mixed and combine with the natural yeasts, the dough becomes alive and continues to develop complex flavors and texture as it ages. 

No Preservatives in Our Bread

Our artisan bread has no preservatives, stabilizers, or dough conditioners so we recommend that you eat a loaf as soon as possible after buying. Our bakers use the finest ingredients for our bread – unbromated, unbleached flour, water, sea salt, and natural leavenings. However, we like to say the essential ingredient is the baker’s passion for his craft.      

Artisan breads are created by hand in the centuries-old tradition of European bakers. The technique and observation of sensitivity of the artisan baker produce distinctive and personalized loaves of bread.

Artisan bread may differ from day to day and loaf to loaf with variations in shape, color and texture due to the human touch and the bread’s organic nature.   Each loaf is formed by hand, assessed by eye, and subject to the baker’s judgment every step of the way.

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Our Locations

Proudly Serving Quality Baked Goods to Long Island, Brooklyn and Manhattan

  Greenport 130 Front Street
Greenport, NY 1194
  Southold 56275 Main Road
Southold, NY 1197